July 04, 2007

USPS Cancelled International Surface Mail

I have a hard time believing that USPS has stopped the International Surface Mail service and discontinued International Air Parcel Post since May 14. 2007. Though I understand that USPS has to increase the postal rates for various services in order to stay in business. However, I am appalled by the fact that they decided to do without the International Surface Mail and Air Parcel Post (for packages over 4lbs), two of the most economical way of shipping heavy items to foreign countries.

I have used USPS International Surface Mail and International Air Parcel Post countless times during my stay in the States. Now, it is impossible for International students or expats to find a cheap way to ship their books and belongings back to their home countries. I have been doing some search about the effect on the cancellation online and found that the booksellers and publishers are the most affected industries. Because of the weight of each book, it becomes prohibitively expensive to ship any book overseas.

This is the explanation given by the USPS:

"What international products would be eliminated?
  • Product realignment provides more reliable and economical international shipping options with improved service for customers. The product simplification will eliminate:
    Products that are no longer cost effective, lack market demand or are redundant in USPS product offering.

  • Economy (surface) products such as Parcel Post, Letter Post, Publishers’ Periodicals, Books and Sheet Music, and M-bags.

  • Aerogrammes and Recorded Delivery service"

You can check out the details at:

There are several petitions that you can sign online.
One of them is

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