October 04, 2007


I am amazed by how far a marketing campaign could possibly go to attract new audience. Jones Soda Co., a Seattle-based bottled beverage company, is launching a limited edition Seattle Seahawks's collectors pack of five new football-inspired flavors:

1. Dirt Soda;

2. Sports Cream Soda;

3. Perspiration Soda;

4. Natural Field Turf Soda;

5. Sweet Victory Soda

I couldn't figure out the rationale behind the launch of such terribly named soda drinks. Well, obviously, I am not an industry-expert and know little about bottled beverages market. However, I do know from a fact that US consumers aren't looking for artificially flavored or colored drinks these days. They are all going after the natural or organic tea.

“Throughout their career, the average NFL player will spend 2 years of their life in the gym, eat 3 pounds of dirt and perspire 10,000 gallons of sweat. These players must withstand incredibly tough conditions to be ready for every game, which is why we thought we’d bring the fans the full experience in a bottle,” says Peter van Stolk, President & C.E.O. “Now, you can enjoy all the sweat and dirt an NFL player experiences, along with the ultimate taste of Sweet Victory.”

Hmmm....I love watching the game but I certainly don't have a fetish on some football player's dirt and sweat. I enjoy an action-packed game while drinking beer and eating peanuts, but certainly not smelling someone's dirt or drinking someone's sweat.

I guess it's a great marketing gimmick because it does generate a lot of buzz and attention in the public. I am sure a die-hard Seahawks fan would pre-order a pack at I won't be surprised if it becomes a collector's item on eBay in the near future.

But again, who would love to eat someone's dirt or drink someone's sweat? Leave a comment if you know or if you are such a person.