July 13, 2007

A Night of Bowling

Tonight, I went to have dinner with some of my high school friends and their spouses at a restaurant in my neighborhood. Since I had been mentioning about bowling for a while, they finally agreed to go bowling with me! We ended up going to the AMF Moonlite Bowl in Santa Clara.

Well, as some of you know, one of the things I want to do before I turn 30 is to improve my bowling skills. Unfortunately, I seemed to be doing badly tonight. I didn't even score a game over 100! We played two games and Sunny ended up beating up in the 1st game. Alex's wife, Jez, was way too generous to let all of us beat her so that her hubby could buy us a round of drinks! In the second game, she completely turned around and did a lot better. She also discovered that if you use a 6lb ball, you can bowl over and over again. The sensor at the end of the aisle has a problem detecting a ball weighing so little. Therefore, if you slowly roll your ball forward the lane, you can keep knocking down the pins over and over again! What a great way to cheat!

Anyway, I seriously need to spend more time at the bowling alley if I want to be any good.

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