July 12, 2007

Cary Brothers Concert

One of things I am hoping to do during my time in the States is to attend as many live concerts as possible. Christina and I went to see Cary Brothers in the city last night. Before the concert, we ended up eating at a Mediterranean Restaurant nearby. You can click on the picture above to see how excited she looked with all the dishes.

Mother and Mother and Carina Round opened for Cary Brothers. The show was really long and Cary Brothers didn't come to the stage till 10:40 or so. By the time the concert is over, it's almost 12:00 midnight.

It was a very fun night at the concert, especially I got to listen to Cary Brothers performed live. One of the openers, Carina Round, turns out to be amazingly good. Of course, it certainly helps that she has the beauty and a sexy British accent.

You can check out the most recent Cary Brothers's album at and more information about Carina Round at

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