July 11, 2007

Macys's Customer Service

I have had one of the best shopping experience I had at the Macys in Valley Fair today. I was browsing the men's department and had my eye on a pair of Ralph Lauren swimming trunks. I saw the sign saying that it's 50% off. I was excited to try it on and ended up getting it. When I took it at the check-out counter, it rang up at the original price. I told the store assistant that I got it from the discount rack at the RL counter.

Instead of just brushing me off and saying that the item was placed on the wrong rack, he actually went to the rack with me and saw the 50% off sign right next to it. He said he would give me the 50% discount even though the sign was probably put at the wrong place. He took the sign off from the rack and walked back to the check-out counter with me.

I thought he would just proceed with taking 50% off the original price. Instead, he took an extra $10 off for the inconvenience. When he rang up the item again, I showed him that the price on the tag ($44.99) was different from the one shown in his system ($54.99). You can guess the end of the story.... I ended up getting that pair of RL swimming trunks for around $12!

That's what I call good customer service! Instead of just following what's in the computer system, the store assistant actually rectified the error on spot by removing the 50% sign from the rack and honored the discount.

I will definitely be going back to that Macy's store in the future.

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