July 14, 2007

Chelsea vs. Club America

Last Sunday, I went to see the Disneyland Cup Invitation Match at the Stanford Stadium featuring Club America (A Mexican Soccer Team) and Chelsea F.C. It's the first time I have been back to the Stanford Stadium after its renovation last year. The stadium is definitely a lot nicer than before.

Because of the long line waiting to get in the parking lot, we were 20 minutes late by the time the 1st half started. Chelsea got most of the action during the match but both teams seemed to be running around very slow. I guess it's a pre-season exhibition match for Chelsea so they didn't want to put all of their effort in the match. Anyway, it's not so bad that I got to see a top notch English Premier League football team for only US$45. It would be impossible for me to scout a ticket at that price in Hong Kong without waiting hours outside the ticket box office.

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