March 09, 2007

Well, I am 355 million less rich!

With the high hopes that I would win the Mega Millions lottery, I spent $10 on Friday to try my luck to get the 264 million jackpot. After checking out the draw results at 8:00p.m. ET, I was disappointed that I didn't win the ticket. However, when I later found out that no one had a winning ticket and the jackpot would be up to 355 million, I was super-hyped. I was thinking that God must have really wanted me to win the jackpot so that he raised it up to 355 million. I tried it again on Tuesday right before my departure. This time, since I was so certain that I was going to win, I only bet 5 dollars.

Well, I checked the results after I had the farewell drinks with my colleagues. Guess what....I DID NOT WIN THE LOTTERY! I couldn't believe that someone just took away 355 million from my imaginary bank account.

Who should I spend to to request to have the money transfer back to my account?

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