March 09, 2007

H&M and Madonna in Hong Kong

One of the things I noticed about the positive economic climate in Hong Kong is the opening of many new flagships store in the downtown area. Yesterday, while I was on my way to get my US Visa, I saw that every single newspaper and billboard on the street are being covered by the H&M Grand Opening promotion. They are opening their 1st store in Hong Kong. Basically you can see the same advertising campaign for the retailer at every corner of the town. Well, Madonna is designing some of the products for H&M and they are on sale at reasonable price (at least the retailer thinks so because you can see the price tag for each item that Madonna is wearing). I have not seen such a dramatic advertising campaign to blanket the entire city in San Francisco. Somehow I have to give credits to the ad agencies in Hong Kong to be so creative that they use every single space possible to market their goods. For example, I was in the subway station yesterday and DHL is advertising their services by turning the entire station into the DHL yellow and red color. You can even see that the handrails of the escalator have been covered with advertising materials too.

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