March 09, 2007

What the heck! 38 Sterling Pounds for a pocket notebook

Yesterday after I finished applying for my US H-1B Visa, I kept walking on the street to see what's new in downtown Central. I saw that they have put up a new Harvey Nichols store in Landmark. I was a bit surprised because Harvey Nichols used to be in Hong Kong about 15 or so years ago but they closed down after being in business for just a couple of years. Therefore, I am surprised to see that they have decided to open a flagship store in Hong Kong, especially putting it in Landmark. I wonder how much the rent would be.

Well, I did take the opportunity to walk around the store to see what's new. Of course, I could barely afford anything in there. One of the things that I noticed was a pocket note book that they were selling in store. The tiny pocket book is made by Smythson of Bond Street and it costs a whopping HK$500. I checked on the publisher's website and found that it actually costs 38 pounds in UK. Holy Cow! I mean, I touched that little pocket book in the store. It's nice but it's not something that I would pay 500 dollars for, no matter how rich I become. That little book costs more per ounce than your Blackberry or so.

This is the description of the pocket book from the company's website:

* Lightweight, pocket-sized and ideal as a traveler's companion for notes of memorable places and journeys.

* Pages are ruled and printed with headings 'Place', 'Notes' and 'Date.

*Bound with 64 leaves of feint ruled Smythson pale blue Featherweight paper.
• 5 1/2" x 3 1/2" (14cm x 9cm).

If I were that rich to afford the little pocket book, would I actually spend the money to buy it?

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