March 30, 2007

Warning Signs

I saw this sign when I was walking along the Reculver's coastal path with my teacher. I got to take a picture of it because I just love the line "Slippery rocks with deep voids". Does that make you feel that every decision you make in your life is basically the same as walking on slippery rocks with deep voids?

There is no certainty in life.

If you are lucky, you can reach the other end safely even though you are stepping on the slippery rocks.

If you are a bit unlucky, you may fall while you are walking on the slippery rocks. However, you won't be falling into the deep voids between the rocks.

If you are really unlucky, you are going to fall through the cracks of the slippery rocks and plunge into the sea.

Just take a moment to think about the philosophy of life. You can summarize it with that sign.

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