March 30, 2007

DANGER! Life's falling apart!

This is another warning sign I saw at Reculver. Look at the sign. I love the graphical depiction of it. Not only is the guy going to plunge to death, the rock behind him is also breaking into halves. With his head reaching the ground first, he is definitely going to die. The sign was actually post on the top of the cliff. I wonder how the guy at the bottom of the cliff can figure out that the cliff may break into pieces.

Hmmm...maybe I should bring a parachute wherever I go. Maybe I should start practicing my 50-meter short-distance run. Hope I can deft the gravity if the rock and still escape without any injuries.

Isn't that just like our life, every one wants to have certainties, wants to have insurance against the unknown. I am going to deft the norms and try everything I want in my life.

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