January 24, 2007

Organizational Evolution

Since I started working last February, I realized that organizational evolution is very commonplace in startups. For example, I joined my current company in last October. Since then, I have had 4 different bosses. Our team keeps getting shifted from one manager --> VP --> CEO --> Director. I guess our team must be very tough to handle. Or our team may be so bad that no one wants to take on this "liability".

For some reason, I think I have reached a "Zen" state at work. I am able to take any shocking news and digest it without much anger. Usually, I get angry and feel frustrated very easily at work, especially when things are not going in the right directions. I have been able to move to a "ZEN" state to make peace with whatever happened at work since last week. That's one of the biggest achievements I have made so far.

So far, I still think that one of the best takeaways that I have had since last February is the new friends that I have made. I got to see different types of people at the three firms that I have worked. It's a good feeling that I am able to make some good friends in my first and current firms. Even though I have only spent a few months at my first job, I am still in contact with a number of folks there. I count that as a blessing and am very thankful for that.

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