January 23, 2007

I am disoriented!

Today is the day that i realized that I am getting disoriented and going crazy.

Here is the description of what I did:

(Antony stared at the computer monitor, doing his work; he had his IPOD headphones on)
(Colleague A, sitting diagonally behind Antony, yelled and asked Antony a question.)
(Antony heard someone calling his name.)
(He turned around......)
(Colleague A stood up, overlooking Antony.)
Antony took his glasses off, couldn't see a thing........
Antony: blah blah blah
Colleague A: blah blah blah....
Antony, with glasses off, looked very confused. He couldn't hear anything that colleague A said. He thought it was weird that he heard nothing but his colleague's mouth was obviously talking.
Antony realized that he took the wrong item off.
He needed to take off his headphones but not his glasses.
He quickly put his glasses back on, pretended that nothing happened.
Antony: blah blah blah. I think so.
Colleague A: okay

Well, you can see that I am completely disillusional and have no idea why that happened. Instinctly, I just remember to take some thing off so that I could hear the person's talking. I did take some thing off, but it's my glasses.

Am I going crazy?

I guess Kenny from Little Britain must have hypnotized me!
"Look into my eyes! Look into my eyes! Don't look around my eyes! Three two One, take off your glasses, don't take off your earphones."

1 comment:

Kathy said...

Don't think too much. Tune your mind and think about what has happened from another point of view.
Actually, it's something funny!! A true man show of a stupid guy....hohoho
BTW, don't pass the responsibility to your friend! =P