January 21, 2007

Let me go!

This afternoon, I ended up walking around in the city for 3+ hours. I stopped at a coffee shop to write a few cards to my friends back home. After that, I was wandering around the Union Square and decided to sit down and finish a slice of pizza that I bought earlier. I was sitting on the stairs facing the giant Macy's department store. I ended up taking some pictures. The bright neno light is a perfect contrast of what I feel in my mind. Lately, I have been feeling blue and lost. I feel like being trapped in a prison in Guantánamo Bay. Somehow I am torturing and interragating myself, trying to rationalize every decision I have made in the past.

I ended up calling my best friend in Hong Kong to chat with her a little bit. WheneverI talk to her, she always makes me feel better. She is the only one that never doubt what I want to do in my life. She encourages me to be a stronger person and to follow my guts. Too frequently, I am too afraid to take any action that may jepoardize my future. I feel that I have made enough mistakes in my life. Somehow, I know that I have to let myself go and be easy on myself.

I learned quite a lot from my best friend's blog. If you know how to read Chinese, you should check out her blog at I am positive that you will feel a lot better after reading it.

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