January 21, 2007

Annie's Social Club

Last night, I went with my colleauge Luke to a bar on Mission street called
Annie's Social Club. It's actually a pretty neat place because the music that they play there is more of a old disco music. Anyway, I was pretty zoned out when I first got there, since I didn't know anyone in the club. After getting 5 or more rum and coke, I started getting tipsy and talking to Luke and his ladies. I think by the end of the night, I had about 10 rum and coke.

After the bar closed at 2, we were about to go to one of Luke's friends house. However, we couldn't find a taxi outside the pub. After walking on south of Market for like 20 minutes, we decided to split and go home. Luke, Leah (Luke's friend), and I came across an Indian restaurant that still opened at that time, we decided to go inside to get a bit. I ordered some lamb curry, prawn masala, nanna bread, and an order of rice. We had a great conversation about some random topics. At one point, we even talked about the panotopic and war etc. I guess with a few drinks, any seemingly boring topic would suddenly become interesting. Anyway, I remember that I was up till 4 in the morning and Luke ended up crashing on my futon for a few hours before he went home. It was a great time and it definitely helps get rid of the pressure that I have been experiencing the past few months at my new job.

Today, I did my laundry for the 1st time in my apt. building in San Francisco. I realized that I accumulated so many dirty clothes that I needed to run two machinese to clean all of them. Also, I finally got back to the gym for the 1st time in a year. I spent an hour in the 24hr fitness on Sutter Street. I felt very good afterwards. I am hoping that I can start going there more often in the morning or after work, since the place is within walking distance to my apt building.
I called my parents this morning and told them that if my work doesn't get better in 2007, I would probably move back to Asia or go to some other places. I have not left the San Francisco Bay area since December 2005. I start having the feeling that I am being trapped here and I want to escape.

Anyway, it's Monday tomorrow. Hopefully this coming one will go by peacefully.

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