January 18, 2007

Old Chelsea Fish and Chips

While I was debating what I should eat for tonight's dinner, I came across a crappy place called "Old Chelsea Fish and Chips". Since I didn't want to get any Mexican food around my neighborhood and I just wanted something cheap, I decided to give this little dirty restaurant a try. It turned out to be pretty good. Though the fish and chips are definitely very greasy. Now I feel that my blood vessels are clotting up. Oh well, I guess it doesn't hurt to eat the greasy Fish and Chips once in a while.

I waited for a while before I got my order. They wrapped the fish and chips in newspaper (of course, they have a butter/baking sheet on top of it). It's kind of authentic and makes me feel like being in some old British town. I am going to explore some other areas in my neighborhood in the coming months. Hopefully, I will find something more delicious and interesting.

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