January 15, 2007

Moving to San Francisco

After months of commuting from Mountain View to San Francisco, I finally decided to move to San Francisco to cut down the commute time. I spent a day right before the new year to look for apartments in the city. Since I can only afford places less than US$1,200, I basically have to limit my choices to studios in certain pockets of the city.

I finally found one studio on the 5th floor of a high rise in Lower Nob Hill. It's very close to the Union Square and a few bookstores and coffee shops, which are my favoriate places to hang out whenever I have free time. I still vividly remember that I spent hours in coffee shops on Franklin Street in Chapel Hill. Caribou Coffee, StarBucks, Rosemary Coffee were my favorite joints. I could spend an entire day there studying and ended up walking back to my dormity at midnight. Those were the tough but good old days.

Finally, I moved to a new studio in San Francisco last Saturday. So far, I am liking the place a lot. However, during my move, I realized that I needed to fill in the change of address form to forward my mails from my old crib in Mountain View. To reduce the possibility of identity theft (unfortunately, I have been the victim twice in the past 4 years), I looked up some information from the Money Magazine. Here are some numbers that should become handy if you don't want to get tons of junk mail or direct sales calls at your apartment.

Stop Credit Card Solicitation: 1-888-567-8688
Remove your name from mailing lists:
National Do Not Call Registry:
You can also get free credit report 3 times a year at This is a legit site and not a scammy site which has hidden restrictions that you need to enroll in their credit protection program.

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