October 24, 2006

Mid-October Review

It's hard to believe that October is marching to its end. Somehow I feel like that a lot happened this past couple of weeks. Not only did I have a new job but also a new work schedule. Though it sucks that I have to take the Caltrain and change to Muni to work every day, I do love the atmosphere of working in the city. I actually don't mind dressing up to work at all. It makes me feel that I am actually growing up and working in the real work.

Anyway, I took the time this past week to re-organize my living space. Hopefully things will go smoother from now on. I don't really buy in the fung-shui thing a lot but I do think that the yin/yan balance plays a role in our life.

Well, my 29th birthday is less than a week away. I don't have any plans yet. I was hoping to do something big before but now I just want to do some thing low profile. I just want to stay in bed for an entire day!

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