August 21, 2006

Snake came and Soma is gone!

Drano didn't help and a plunger was no use. So, how did I resolve the problem? Yes, I bought a snake. Yes, Soma was gone after that. Snakes on a plane is showing in three days. Did I buy a snake from pet shop to get rid of Soma?

Before I get into my story, I have to tell you that gone three days without using my toilet and I start feeling the pain in my vein. I sent a message to my friend on AIM at work and asked for help. He is a web designer so I am sure he knows how to navigate the web to find some relevant information to help me resolve the issue.

According to numerous blog postings, it's not uncommon that people dump cat litter into the toilet. What ended up happening is most people have to call a plumber to declog it. Some of them even had to replace the entire toilet. The cat litter is usually made of sand or clay-like substance. Therefore, when it interacts with water or cat's pee, it turns into a clay-like paste and becomes very sticky. That's how people can scoop out the cat litter from the box.

Let's get back to the snake. It's not Samuel L. Jackson. It's not a Cobra. It's something called a snake that you got from Home Depot to declog your toilet. I can't really describe it because it does kind of look like a metal snake with a handle.

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