August 20, 2006

My Toilet is Clogged - Part II

Some of my ex-colleagues at Google are very interested in knowing the cat that causes all the chaos in my house. Yes, I finally decided to take some pictures of "the" cat, Soma. She was actually not too shy from the camera or afraid of the flashes from my camera. She basically just sat still in the TV box inside my closet. That's her favorite hiding place. I think she even slept in there during the day.

Many of you are curious to know how I could possibly go on three days without having a functional bathroom. As I told you in my previous post, I couldn't call the landlord because I am not supposed to have any pet in my apartment. I thought Drano would help but obviously that didn't work. After pouring two bottles of Drano in the toilet, it was still clogged and I was about to die from the fumes evaporated from the toilet bowl.

Basically from Monday to Wednesday, I could only pee in the toilet. I had to make sure that I won't pee too much. Otherwise, the water would overflow again. After each pee, I had to carefully control the water valve of the toilet to make sure that the water flowed slowly to the toilet bowl. Of course, I couldn't really go poo poo at all. Otherwise, my bathroom would become another New Orleans and it probably would need a FEMA rescue team to find me.

What did you do when you needed to poo poo at 3 in the morning but your toilet was not working? I was prepared enough to imagine all possible scenario before going to bed on Sunday night. Here was my game plan:

1) Went Poo Poo at work. I was at work from 9 to 6 so hopefully I could go poo poo during that time.
2) Went to Happy Donuts to go poo poo at night. Since they open 24 hours and there's one on El Camino Real, I could go there in the middle of night if I really had to. All the fast food places closed at 2:00a.m. and I couldn't really climb through the drive-through to go poo poo inside.

Anyway, I survived. I am still alive and do not constipate!

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