August 27, 2006

Punch You in Your Face

Whenever I get really angry or frustrated, I just want to "Punch someone in his/her face." Of course, I can't literally do that because it will probably bring me to a jail cell immediately. There are many times that when I see someone saying something irresponsible or inconsiderate, I just want to "punch him in his face." I had joking around my ex-colleagues at Google that I wanted to "punch them in his face." Sometimes, the person that I want to punch has nothing to do with the incident, I just want to release my anger before it gets built up inside me.

Anyway, I was at Bloomingdale's yesterday and I came across a T-shirt in the sales rack that truly reflects my feelings. I basically want to wear it every day to warn people that I want to punch them in their face if they act selfish. You can actually go to the company's website at to order many creatively designed shirts from a number of budding designers. Take a look at the site and you will end up finding something that you really like!


Kristy said...

Thanks Antony
I have read the mail, thank you for your support. I understand the only thing i can do now is...nothing... If i love him, i can only trust what he said. otherwise, i need to give up for the relationship. But in this moment...actually, nothing had happened, so i should not be too nervous. I will find something meaningful to work with, play piano, visit fd's blog, write diary...etc... I will add oil and thanks for your support!!

Hilda said...

This site sells something similar too

It's a bit more girly, but it's totally funny.