August 11, 2006

In Search for Audrey!

Well, not exactly. First, I don't have an Audrey in my mind now that I want to go after. I was reading an email from my ex colleague and he mentioned that Ben should start a blogger site titled "In Search for Audrey." To help him out a bit, I did my research on Men's Health magazine (June edition) and found out the best place for Ben to look for his Audrey, other than watching Amelie 20000 times.

(A) What we think are the best ways to meet a mate:

1. Through friends such as Steve Matthews or Alton
2. By chance
3. At a party, bar, or club (here you go, Chris)
4. Online (that's me)
5. At work (oh yeah... Steve, you know what I mean)

(B) In reality, this is how people find their mates:

1. 34% through friends
2. 17% by chance
3. 15 % at a party, bar, or club
4. 3% online
5. 19% at WORK!!!

From my experience, I think meeting your potential girls at work is the best way to go. You see the girl every day and you can do a lot of observations before you make your move. The best thing is that there's always a perfect wing man at work for you. In case of Steve, I think I will take the honor! :)

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