August 21, 2006

Bowling 106

Steve, Chris, and I were wandering around on Saturday night after our dinner at Chopstix in Mountain View. We ended up spending half an hour outside the Starbucks next door reading the Saturday edition of Wall Street Journal. Steve got bored sitting down watching Chris smoke and me reading the newspaper and decided to pick up the phone and called Ben. Ben was about to go to bed in Penn when he called. We ended up chatting with him for a little bit and were glad to know that he had recovered from his rashes and fever. He told us that he is going to start school in a week or so. For some reason, I start missing school this week. I feel that I have not really learned anything new since I stopped taking classes in January.

After a while, I proposed that we went bowling. We end up going to Palo Alto Bowl and had a great time there. It was US$15 for all you can bowl till 10:30p.m. We ended up finished 3 games or so. Steve, Chris, and I each won a game. I was so happy that for the first time in my life, I scored over 100 in bowling. I ended up getting a 106!!! I actually quite like bowling but I never have a chance to really practice it. Maybe I should start going to the bowling alley more often from now on.

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