May 04, 2008

Rachel Ray and Me?

After returning from my computer shopping in Central, I decided to clean up the food I bought in my fridge by inviting my mother and my sister to come over for dinner. Since my dad and my other sister are still on vacation, only two of my family members left remained at my parents' apartment. I ended up taking the chance to cook for my sister and my mother for the 1st time since I returned to Hong Kong.

I used to cook a lot when I was in US and I still remember that days that a bunch of my friends got together to have a potluck dinner. I usually made the same dish, soy-sauced marinated chicken wings over and over again because it took little time to get it done. I just needed to buy some chicken wings from Safeway, wash them up, and put them in a pot with a bottle of Chinese soy-sauce. Let them sit in the pot for an hour and you will get some very delicious Chicken wings.

Together, I fried two slices of fish fillet that I got from Apita for dinner. I also opened a can of marinated pork with pickled vegetables and broiled some Chinese vegetables as dinner. Altogether, it took less than 1/2 hour to get it done. I guess I could possibly be the next Rachel Ray by giving up recipes to cook a dinner with 30 minutes.

Lately, I have been watching a TV show called "Take Home Chef with Curtis Stone" on Discovery Health and Living. He is another TV Chef personality like Jamie Oliver, who has starred in numerous TV cooking shows and written a number of cook books.

"Take Home Chef with Curtis Stone" was about Curtis Stone, a tall good looking Australia Chef, going around in supermarkets across the States and randomly picked up one lady who was doing shopping at that time. He would ask for the lady's permission to finish up the shopping and cook dinner for her and her company at the same night. It's pretty funny to see how some dude felt so shocked when he returned home to see his wife with a young hunk in the house. If I were the husband, I would be so furious.

I think if the show changes a bit and randomly pick up a guy instead of a lady doing grocery shopping, that will become an instantaneous blockbuster on Bravo network. It's like a reincarnation of the show "Queer Eyes for Straight Guys". I am sure that could only happen in America. People would do ANYTHING to get a good TV rating.

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