July 07, 2007

My Butt Hurts - Ice-Skating


Last night, after my multiple pleas, Victor agreed to go ice-skating with me at the Cupertino Ice Center. Victor, Rachel, and little Justice had no idea what they were getting into. They were about to see the oldest person on earth to learn ice-skating!

We got the ice-skating center and we started skating or for me...falling on the ice. Justice actually picked up ice-skating faster than me. I guess it didn't hurt that much for him to fall. If you click on the album above, you can see pictures of me falling badly. At one point, I basically fell and sat on my butt. I felt that my pelvic bones and spine were about to shatter into pieces. It was so painful! We saw a little kid age 3-4 with a helmet on in the ice-skating ring. He is such a good ice-skater but the only problem he has is that he doesn't know how to stop. Therefore, whenever he wants to stop, he just let go and allows himself to smash again the wall. Gee...that would have hurt really bad if I were him. Of course, he didn't get hurt and I could tell that he was happy doing that all night long.

After 45 minutes to an hour, I was able to start gliding around the ice-skating ring without holding the wall. I ended up doing it twice before the end of the night. Don't laugh at me for being so stupid because it's much harder to pick up a new activity or learn something different when you get older. We have all the preconceptions about getting hurt etc. Before we actually do it, we have 10000 things going in our head like how stupid we would look. However, for little Justice, it's all about having a good time and enjoying some time with his uncle....that's me!!!!

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