May 29, 2007

Things I would like to learn

An inspiration from the traveling is that my friend is willing to dedicate a month to learn surfing in Bali. I always feel that I am too old to pick up a new Sports or any kind of activities. However, he inspired me to learn the following activities in the very near future:

1) Ice-skating;
2) Surfing;
3) Cycling (I want to be really good at it.);
4) Butterfly Stroke;
5) Driving a manual car;
6) Speak French;
7) Speak Spanish;
8) Web Design
9) Practice bowling
10) Tennis
11) Darts! (I picked it up when I was in Japan and I love it!)
12) Shooting (I tried it once in Vietnam and I want to be good at it.)

It's a lot but I am going to tackle them one by one. Let's see what I master by the end of this summer.

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