May 29, 2007

3 virtues I learned from my traveling

After spending 3+ weeks traveling with a very good friend of mine, I feel like that I am a lot calmer and more patient than before. Since I was with my friend all the time, I had an opportunity to learn how to control my temper and my emotions.

Three virtues I learned from my Asia traveling in May:

1) Patience:
It helps resolve conflicts and allow each person to think carefully before carrying any irrational act. Just give yourself a little time to calm yourself down will go a long way. It does not do any good to be very angry and get too involved in a situation. Believe it or not, many things in our life have been determined by some higher spirit, depending on your religion. Things will eventually follow their own course.

2) Don't be angry at things happened:
It happened and nothing can change it. It's already in the history record and no one can turn the clock back and wish that it didn't happen. Embrace the results and the outcomes, whether they are good or not.

If money can solve the problem, it really isn't a problem because there is solution to it. Just when we feel that there is no option, there is always one, depending on whether you want to accept it or not.

3) Treasure the unpredictable:
If everything goes as planned, there will be no excitement, disappointment, job, and surprises in life. It's good to have things go as planned but the contrary doesn't necessarily mean a disaster.

Thank you my friend for giving me the opportunity to practice the above three virtues. I will remind myself from day to day.

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