March 30, 2007

Oasis Hong Kong Airlines, London and I

As some of you know, I got a chance to visit London during my trip back to Hong Kong. I was not planning to go to London because of the high airfare from Hong Kong to there. However, when I found out that my friend's girlfriend is working as a flight attendant for a new discount airline called Oasis Hong Kong Airlines, I decided to take advantage of the discount program for staff and got a round trip ticket to London Gatwick for HK$ 1,000 (about US$ 130) excluding tax.

I was a bit hesitate to fly with Oasis Hong Kong Airlines since I have not flown with them or heard anything from my friends about them before. To my great surprise, I had a very pleasant trip to and from Hong Kong. The ground staff members and the flight attendants were very polite. In addition, they do have individual TV monitor for each seat. Overall, the plane is very clean. Yes, you may complain that you don't get a free drink and your midnight cup noodles. However, they do give you one drink and one meal before you land. I actually like this arrangement a lot better because the lights won't be on and off all the time inside the cabin and people won't be going back and forth for their cup noodles and hot water. I just wanted to get a good sleep once I got on the plane. Therefore, I like their services a lot and I will definitely fly with them again when I got to London next time. I can't wait for them to expand their services to Oakland, CA later this year. I heard that they are going to fly to Vancouver, Canada starting in June.

Anyway, I am happy that Hong Kong got a second International airline besides Cathay Pacific with great quality services.

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