March 30, 2007

London, I love it!

I love London!

I really have to scream out loud how much I love the city after I have been there for 3 times. Even though everyone around me hates London, I still think that it's one of the best cities in the world. People complains about the weather there all the time. Interestingly, I have been there 3 times and everything I was there, the weather was fantastic.

This time, I got to stay with a very good friend of mine from college in London. She has been working there in the past 3 years for the US Army and she is loving it. I am so glad that I got to see her for the 1st time in 3+ years. We used to hang out a lot when I was in college. I still remember the purple Dodge Neon I drove and we went to many places with our group of friends.

I met up with my friend at the Starbucks outside the Westminster tube station shortly after I landed at Gatwick. Luckily, I still remember how to get around in London so it's not such a big hassle for me to find my way around. Finally at 9:30a.m., she came! I couldn't believe that after being in London for 3 years, she looked so posh and good! I couldn't help but complimenting how good she looked! We sat down for a little while to catch up before I walked her back to her office. We had so much fun in our conversation. We were both shocked to learn that everyone we used to hang out with is married and has kids. She and I were the old single people around. Let me put it this way. She is a bit more fortunate than I am because she is dating a great guy in London. I got to meet him when we had dinner my first night there. I am so happy for her!

I walked around the Oxford Street and the Regent Street during the day and I really had a great time. London is definitely a city that I wouldn't mind living in. I just miss the pace of living in a big city. You can tell that people in London move a lot faster than people in San Francisco. Also, gosh, the Brits know how to dress well. Everyone looks so stylish on the street. I especially like the fact that the streets don't smell like urine. That's one thing I hate about San Francisco. Every morning when you walk on the street, you smell urine. Every time after the rain, you smell urine. The Mayor should definitely do something to resolve the homeless situation in the city. It's just so unhygienic when the only thing you remember is the smell of urine in the city.

I went home that night and bought a cake from a bakery shop on Regent Street for dessert. My friend did a FANTASTIC job of cooking both two types of curry. It was the first time that I actually got to taste her REAL home cooking. Also, she got me hooked on the bread and pate thing. Now, I can't live without some good bread and pate. That's all I need for a meal.

My friend's boyfriend came by and so did some of her friends. We had a great time hanging out in her nice apartment in downtown London. I wish I could afford a place like that in San Francisco. Anyway, I wasn't jealous at all and I am very happy that she got to where she is now.

Anyway, before the dinner was ready. Her friends were trying to use EZ sniper to get a Rugby jersey off eBay. So, we got a few laughs about people frantically bidding on eBay to get what they want. Her friend did end up getting the jersey that he wanted for 30 pounds! I guess EZ sniper works for him.

Shortly after lunch, I felt so tired that I retreated back to my room. However, I didn't realize that I actually felt asleep until the next morning. When I woke up, my friend told me that her buddies dropped by to see me sleeping like a baby. I guess I was exhausted after a long flight and a fun day in London.

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