February 04, 2007

I need Naboo the Shaman!

As many of you who have been reading the blog know, I have not been feeling very well lately. Part of the reason has to deal with the stress at work, what I want to do next, and the relationships I have with my friends. This weekend, I ended up spending the whole time by myself without giving a call to anyone. I am trying to overcome my weaknesses and become a stronger and more confident person.

I spent my entire weekend watching some DVDs and selling some of my furniture. I finally sold my IKEA filing cabinet and one of the two bookselves that I have. I seem to have a lot more space than before. Now, I am working hard to sell the rest of my belongings since I want to shred the old me and start everything anew.

If you ever watch the British comedy the Mighty Boosh, you will know the character "Naboo the Shaman" in it. He is my favorite character because he always stands by Vince and Howard (the two main characters in the show) and gives them any magical help if needed. I wish there could be a Naboo in my life, who is always standing my me and helping me to overcome the difficulties in life. Either with the magic dust or the magic carpet, I would become much happier and feel like being in another place.

I think I am going to go home as soon as I get my H-1B Visa paper work. I want to take a short vacation to see my families and friends back in Hong Kong.

Naboo, where are you?

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