January 30, 2007

Lonesome Jim

From the movie "Lonesome Jim"

"I came home ‘cause I ran out of money and had nowhere else to go. If I had any other option, I would’ve taken it. I did not consider having a place to come home to a blessing. Instead, I though of it as a burden and a symbol of failure. I’m ashamed to admit that growing up, I pitied you, and what I thought was your naïve belief that our dreams could come true simply by the virtue of having them.

Because the truth, as I witnessed it, was something completely different. The truth actually was that nothing worked out, and no one anywhere lived the life they wanted. But I see now that it was me with the naïve belief. I thought if I resigned myself to disappointment, at least I’d be better off than those people who tried and failed. I hate myself for only realizing this now, and for taking and taking from you without giving anything back. I promise not to waste any more time or take your love for granted."
What do you think about the paragraphs above?

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