July 08, 2007

Rachel and Justice Farewell Lunch

Today, I took Victor, Rachel, and Justice for lunch because they are moving to Ohio on Monday. It's very sad for me to see Justice go because I missed him so much when I was back in Hong Kong. When I moved back to Hong Kong at the end of April, I thought that I won't see him again for a long time. However, because of the problem with my vehicle registration, I decided to fly back to San Francisco to sort it out. Luckily enough, the ticket I bought in April was actually an open ticket valid for 6 months. Therefore, I was able to fly back without having the need to buy an expensive ticket during the summer peak travel season.

We went to the P.F. Chang in Sunnyvale for lunch. It actually turned out to be one of the best dinning experience I have had in the States. After we were sat at our table, we waited for a while but no waiter showed up to serve us and take our order. I asked another waitress who walked by and she said she had no idea. Instead of trying to help locate a waitress to serve us, she just walked away. That's BAD customer service experience. She should have told the manager or the host to figure out who should be serving our table. You don't want any disgruntled customer sitting there for minutes.

Finally, our waiter came and he aplogized repeatedly for his tardiness. We could tell that he just got pulled by the manager at the last minute to serve us. He took our order immediately but served all of our drinks except Justice's Sprite. We ended up waiting for another 5 minutes or so before it arrived. The manager came to our table and apologized for the delay in servicing us. He even came back to check on us a few times during our meal to make sure that we were okay with the service. I could tell he was trying to win his customers back. I think he is one of the best mangers I have ever seen because he actually serves a a model and shows other waiters how they should treat their customers. Instead of simplying asking Waiter A or Waitress B to help us, he actually came to our table and made sure that everything was in order throughout the entire meal.

To our surprise, when we asked for our check, the waiter brought over two orders of eggroll bananas with conconut ice-cream as complimentary desserts for us. I thought I would only see this top-notch service at a 5-star hotel. I was very impressed by the manager and we ended up giving a 20% tip. The dessert was so tasty that I would definitely go back and order it next time.

Props to the Asian manager at P.F. Chang in Sunnyvale. If I ever had a restaurant, I would hire you immediatley.

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