March 05, 2007

Show me some respect at work!

Today I had a conversation with my boss at the end of the day about my future within the company. I have honestly told him that I would leave the company if things aren't really picking up the steam in our team. One of my colleagues quitted his job today so only me and another colleague are in the team. Basically two of us have to help move the team to the next stage without having to ask for additional resources.

This afternoon, I was stuffing and gluing the envelops at work for 2 straight hours because we needed to send our monthly earnings to our clients. It was fun to start with but towards the end of it, I felt very disrespected. On one hand, I had got 6 papercuts within 2 hours while I tried to glue all the envelopes. What's tipped me off wasn't the fact that one of my colleagues was messing with me and ended up hitting my fact with an envelope. I wasn't angry about that at all. What I was really angry was the fact that I didn't get the respect I needed at work.

I have been doing some case studies with another colleague of mine in the marketing team and so far it has been alright. My colleague is known to give special preference and treatments to the ladies in our office. One of the sales ladies came by and was in the process of making some changes to the case studies. When I inquired about what's going on, my colleague simply just said "Don't worry about it." You have to understand that I was the one proposing the idea of making case studies and actually did most of the work for it. I couldn't believe that my colleauge would negotiate making changes on the case study with a sales staff without looping me in. I feel so disrespected because I was the one doing part of the work for it. Anyway, at that moment, I knew that my decision to be away was very correct. I couldn't stand being there for any time longer. If people don't learn to show some respect to their colleageus, I am sure that one day they will realize that they are making a big mistake in life.

Learn how to show some respect to your colleague at work.

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