March 07, 2007

A Perfect Way to Say GoodBye

Last night, our team went out to get a drink to send off my colleague and I, who are both leaving the firm this week. We went to an Irish bar callled Phoenix on 19th and Valencia in San Francisco. When we got there at around 8, my departing colleague was already a bit drunk. Anyway, within 1/2 hour and a few beers, we were all feeling tipsy. We laughed about things happened at work, our girls, and other random things. I was very happy for my colleague because he was really happy that he is leaving our firm. It's a relief for him that he can finally move on and pursue something that he is intersted in.

I enjoyed the night a lot, particularly of the fact that we chatted so much about things outside of work. You can't really ask for more when you sit down and chat with mates about girls, stupid things etc. We also ended up chatting with the pretty bartender at the end of the night, which made things a lot for entertaining.

Honestly, I am actually very happy to be away for at least 2 weeks. I finally have a chance to do some traveling for the 1st time since 2004. I am very looking forward to my trip to London and Edinburgh. Hopefully, I will have a memorable time there.

In the past five months, I learned many things from my teammates at work and made some good friends. I saw some of my teammates left, argued with some of them, made peace again with some of them. Overall, when I look back, I think it's an entertaining roller-coaster ride. There were days that I just didn't want to show up and days that I just wanted to conquer the world. I am happy that it's all over by now.

Davey, Isaac, and Luke, thanks for making the last 5 months a very special experience in my life.

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Isaac said...

Hey man, best of luck to you, and have a great time traveling!!