February 24, 2007

Calvin and Hobbes

My favorite comics of all time - Calvin and Hobbes.

I love Calvin and Hobbes so much because Calvin has this imaginary friend who is a tiger. He is the only person who can interact with him. They play and enjoy many good times together. In reality, Hobbes is just a soft toy. I remember that when I was little, I used to have a teddy bear and I always talked to him. He's like an ideal companion and an imaginary friend I have had in my life. It's just interesting to see kids interact with their toys these days. No matter whether it's a soft toy or a robot, kids seem to project them as real persons and engage in conversations and interact with them. Maybe it's a learning process that kids learn practice to interact with one another. Or maybe they are smart enough to know that there is no ideal mate in the world unless it's an imaginary one.

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